Sunday, May 13, 2012

Tips on how to get your post to look like YOU want it.

Well, I see there are quite a few people struggling with getting their post to look like they want it and not how Blogger does it automatically. A few months ago my oldest daughter showed me a simple trick while I was getting very FRUSTRATED with blogger. She just highlighted my whole draft, clicked on the "remove formatting" icon, the big T with the red cross, second last on the right. I decided to play a bit and see what I can do, so let the fun begin. Oh, I never click on that icon, so I am not sure if Blogger automatically saved a setting or not and I always click on preview which opens in a new tab and you can see how your post is going to look, you can then go back and change whatever you are not happy with.

 I decided that the bin drawer on my sewing table needs a silk lining.

Ha, I just had to highlight my cursor and click that button because it wanted to start the text right in the middle under the photo. To get line breaks between paragraphs I just use the enter button om my keyboard

like I did right here.


This time the cursor went to the left next to the photo, I just use the enter button to get the cursor below the photo, as I don't like the few drawn out words next to the photo when you use a large photo.

         To start a sentence like this one away from the left, I just use the space bar.

And finally, a photo and wording where I normally put them, all on the left, having used the enter button on the keyboard to get the wording under the photo.

The lining was just a sample to figure out size, I will use one of these two-toned ribbons for my lining.

Have fun playing with your posting!


rosanna said...

Thank you for the tips and, OMG, the table is beyond words !!!
Have a lovely Sunday, Rosanna

Idske said...

I've only just started a blog and I will definitely try out your tips. I love your furniture and as I've only just started turning, I have the quality of the centre post for your tilt top table to aspire to!

Caseymini said...

Elga, I will be forever greatful for the comment that you made on my blog a couple of days ago! I am still fighting with the photos some, but I am getting much better at it, thanks to you!

I love the new sewing table your needlework is incredible. The ribbons are beautiful.

Fabiola said...

The table is wonderful.
Thanks for the tips on the blog.
Bye Faby

Dorien Litjes said...

Dear Elga,
Your table makes me speechless. What a beautiful piece of furniture!!

Catherine said...

Your sewing table is just gorgeous. The wood you used for it is just beautiful. The silk color for the bin drawer is a wonderful compliment to your petit point.

miraclechicken said...

The table is just gorgeous!

Giac said...

Hello Elga,
Thank you for the information. I don't like computers and they don't like me, so I tend to avoid trying new stuff.
That table is just wonderful! i honestly think it's one of the loveliest pieces of miniature furniture I've ever had the pleasure of seeing.
Have a wonderufl week,
Big hugs,

Josje said...

It is such a lovely piece of furniture Elga! Whoever you have made the other one for is very lucky! (You made one on commission as well, right?)
I do like the contrasting green against the wood, the two toned silk would be beautiful with it.

Ascension said...

Un fantastico trabajo, una verdadera obra de arte.
besitos ascension

Elga said...

Josje I made five tables in total, one is my own, three will go to Petit Pointer members and the fifth one is for a South African miniaturist. They will all embroider their own screens, I will bring them when I visit you :-), so you can see them close up.