Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Miniature shows

We had our annual Miniature Show in Johannesburg this weekend and I bought this lovely full scale furniture plan book, I am sure you will see some mini furniture from it in the future :-)

I couldn't decide which of the two Toby jugs I liked the most, so I bought both, they were from somebodies private collection. The silver egg cups are from Balgove Miniatures and the little mice are from a South African artist.

This little doily I bought from a different kind of show, an online show arranged by Shelley Norris, I am not sure when the next show will be but it sure is fun. The doily was made by Ludwina an IGMA artisan that crochets the most amazing fine and delicate items and she makes truly magnificent hand knotted miniature rugs.


Thursday, August 4, 2011

Biblical Berlin Wool Work

I started this embroidery more than a year ago and finally finished it. It will hang in the top hallway of my Victorian dollhouse, well that floor hasn't been built yet, so it will take a while before it actually hangs on a wall. I stitched it with DMC on 48 count silk, the finished size is 5" by 4". It depicts the story of Jacob waiting for Esau and Jacob is not sure if Esau is coming in peace or not after all the years which explains the wary expressions on their faces. The chart is available from Roland Designs.