Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I am Back Home!!!!!!!!

I arrived back in South Africa on Saturday. Guild school was just fantastic and I learned so much from my two instructors Carol Hardy and Bill Robertson, as soon as I finish the Tall Clock I will show it to you with self made hinges, after the hinges class I don't think I will ever buy hinges again. I am planning on going again next year. Some of the classes were held right down at the waterfront this year because of renovations and I took this photo of the town while walking down there.

The Lobster and Live Auction night was a lot of fun, I don't eat seafood and had a lovely tender piece of steak while most people was cracking open their lobster to get to the edible parts. The screen that I made and donated to the auction sold for a whopping $1050, WOW!!!!!

I think we only had two sunny days in Castine, the rest of the time it was rainy and rather cold, this photo was taken on the last night of Guild School.

After Guild School I spent a day in Boston to visit the Museum of Fine Arts, they have a magnificent collection of antique American furniture and to my immense delight I found the original Queen Anne chair that my miniature ones are based on, on display. It sure is one of the most elegant chairs that I have ever seen.

Next I went to Holum in Norway to spend 10 days with my brother and his family, I met his two children for the first time, the new baby was five days old when I arrived there.

Norway must be one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

I hopped over from Norway to Amsterdam in the Netherlands to meet up with Elly a fellow blogger and PetitPointer, we had a lovely visit and she showed me a little bit of Amsterdam.

My brother and I took the Ferry from Kristiansand to Hirtshals in Denmark and we went to Birthe Knuth's Miniseum, she has an amazing display of Dollhouses and miniatures as well as a shop, if you ever find yourself in Denmark do go, you will enjoy it .

A Viking grave in Denmark, I had a wonderful trip and look forward to my next one.



virginie said...

Beautiful petit point chairs....I am sorry we missed each other this time around... maybe if you make it to Norway another time....

best wishes, Virginie

Debora said...

You've obviously made the most of your trip! And so good to hear you want to commit yourself to go to Guild School again. Your auction piece did really great, but is was worth every penny.

Sandra from Sydney said...

Congratulations on your auction piece reaching such a price - but then I know the quality of your work deserves it. You certainly packed a lot into your lovely trip, what a wonderful opportunity. Hugs Sandra